Clinics & Workshops


Top Notch 1-day clinics provide a combination of technical training and educational workshops. Clinics are full-day sessions which give players the opportunity to improve their soccer IQ and athletic performance. Each clinic focuses on the following skills:

⦁ Technical unopposed
⦁ Technical opposed/speed
⦁ Tactical appropriateness (decision-making)
⦁ Small-sided games
⦁ Social Awareness/Soccer Games
⦁ Scrimmages


Top Notch provides workshops to develop the complete player. Sessions include:

⦁ Sport Nutrition
⦁ Pathway to College/Pro Soccer
⦁ Modern Coaching methods
⦁ Injury prevention
⦁ Building Profile
⦁ Video Highlights
⦁ College Eligibility
⦁ SAT Prep