A progressive strength & conditioning program is the most valuable resource of top players in every sport.

Strength capacity to perform a sudden muscular action of high intensity against resistance… strength endurance, explosive strength, max strength

Endurance capacity to maintain a physical activity of certain intensity during a set period of time… aerobic capacity, aerobic power, anaerobic power

Speed capacity to execute a movement or cover a distance in the shortest time possible… reaction, acceleration, max speed, speed endurance

Flexibility capacity of the body to combine muscle elasticity and joint mobility to reach the widest range of movement

Coordination capacity to make efficient movements between different body parts

Agility constant changes of speed and direction at high pace

Basic Motor Skills essential movements of the body in adapting to the external environment (i.e. walking, running, jumping, diving or changing direction) as well as catching, throwing, hitting or kicking

Perception visual efficiency to identify and assess external situations