Total Player Development

We provide players with the tools for success:

TECHNICAL SKILLS: The ability to efficiently perform a task or specific soccer movement.

  • Passing and receiving: Transferring the ball on the ground or in the air from one player to another from a given distance
  • Running with the ball: Control of a ball in movement with the feet and on the ground at high speed without modifying its trajectory
  • Dribbling: Close control of a ball in movement, with the feet and on the ground, continuously changing its trajectory
  • Turning: One or more touches on the ball with the purpose of changing direction efficiently
  • Shooting: Striking the ball toward the goal with the objective of scoring
  • Ball control: Receiving or directing the ball efficiently in the air or on the ground
  • Heading: Striking the ball with any part of the head with the purpose of clearing, passing or scoring
  • 1v1 attack: Offensive action with control of the ball to beat a specific defender
  • Shielding: Protecting possession of the ball from a defender
  • Receiving to turn: A change of direction after receiving a pass with the purpose of making a second action such as dribble, pass or shoot
  • Crossing & finishing: Passing/serving from wide areas of field to a central area close to goal with the intention of finding a teammate to score

DEFENDING: Basic, individual or collective defensive actions of one or more players in order to create a team advantage over the attackers

TACTICS: Individual or collective actions performed by a player or group of players to take advantage of an opponent, group of opponents or a team. Tactics are the tools to develop the strategy.

STRATEGY: A general concept agreed upon by the team at the beginning of the game with the intention to beat the opponents. The strategy relates to the formation and/or system used by the team.

FORMATION: The shape of the team and distribution of the players on the field at the beginning of the game. This is usually expressed in three numbers identifying the number of players in the defensive, midfield and attacking lines.

SYSTEM: A formation with specifications in the shape and/or roles for one or more players. The system combines the formation and strategy.